KARE 2 Communicate offers special instruction

KARE 2 Communicate is contracted provider with the Durham County CDSA and offers special instruction in English and Spanish (native speaker) in the child’s natural environment including the home, preschool, and or daycare.

Special Instruction/Community based rehabilitation services (CBRS) which provides: One on one therapy to encourage children 0 to 3 years of age to reach age appropriate skills through play while assisting their social, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, language, and motor development in their natural environment. K2C is a contracted provider of these services.

Children grow, learn and develop at different rates.

The following information is from the North Carolina Infant Toddler Program and can be used as a way to help you see whether your child is meeting developmental milestones during their first three years. Remember that every child is unique.

If you have questions or concerns about how your child sees, hears, moves, communicates, learns, plays or interacts with others, visit the North Carolina Early Intervention website at https://beearly.nc.gov/ for more information on the CDSA and the NC Infant Toddler program.

3 months

  • Recognizes faces
  • Holds head steady and upright

6 months

  • Imitates sounds
  • Rolls over in both directions

9 months

  • Says “Ma-ma” and/or “Da-da”
  • Responds to own name

12 months

  • Uses simple gestures (wave/high five)
  • Understands at least three words

15 months

  • Listens to stories
  • Walks well and can stoop

18 months

  • Can say 10-20 words/asks for help
  • Follows simple directions

21 months

  • Will combine words like “go car”
  • Walk up stairs one step at a time

24 months

  • Uses two to three word phrases
  • Takes turns in play with children

2 years

  • expressive vocabulary 50-100 words
  • understand 250-300 words
  • imitate parents & children
  • play independently
  • feed self

3 years

  • say three-to-five word sentences/ expressive vocabulary 450 words
  • say their names and age
  • understand most sentences
  • walk up and down steps
  • play make-believe with toys, animals, and people
  • play simple games with other children
  • express a wide range of emotions