Comprehensive Communication Assessment

If your child has not been evaluated yet, KARE 2 Communicate is a great place to start!

We offer comprehensive evaluations in speech and language development for children of all ages. Our evaluations are performed by North Carolina Licensed Speech and Language Pathologists with clinical certificate of competency from the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association. We utilize standardized tests, questionnaires, and clinical judgment in order to assess the child’s ability in all areas of speech and language development. For your convenience assessments are conducted in the child’s home, daycare, or preschool. KARE 2 communicate provides state of the art speech and language services and we create an individualized plan of treatment for each child/family.

Comprehensive speech language evaluations will look at the following:

  • Receptive language, or what your child understands
  • Expressive language, the way your child expresses him or herself
  • Articulation, or how your child produces specific sounds and auditory processing

If concerns are noted, we will also evaluate a child’s voice (pitch, rate and loudness) and fluency (smooth rate of speech). Additionally, we may also assess oral motor/feeding skills if a child is having difficulty chewing, swallowing or tolerating different textures.